August 23, 2015


The first film of the evening is a dark comedy short (11 min.) A bonus film for the event. Nomophobia, the film, asks the question: “What if suddenly and without warning we were once again, a nation without cell phones?” Of course, the answer is: Hilarity ensues!

The second film is a dark comedy as well, but in the form of a documentary. (59 min.) John McGill Banned takes on the challenge of deciphering John’s nature, nurture and free-will. The result is an uncomfortable, but ridiculously entertaining, 5-week long journey along side bona-fide, Brooklyn artist, craftsman, nomad and enigma, John McGill.

Nomophobia Poster


How does Nomophobia relate to John McGill Banned aside from the fact that the director, Michael Broz is the same? Well, the pub crawl is moving along and I have a new piece to share, so, this will be the premier screening of Nomophobia. But back to the spirit of the Pub Crawl, the theme between the films are that in both, we’re looking at laughter’s underbelly, the dark comedy. You could say they are both films with an irreverent comedic look at people who find themselves in uncomfortable situations.

Bottom line, two films plus a whole lot more entertainment! See you at the show!

Thank you,

Michael Broz

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