Home/Made gets BANNED

Home/Made welcomes John McGill Banned to Atelier Roquette.

We’ve turned John McGill Banned, the Documentary into the first Pub Crawl Movie. It will be headlining a unique evening of entertainment that we’re calling, CARNIVAL – FESTIVAL – CABARET. The festivities will include, the Artwork of John McGill, John McGill Banned, the Documentary, music from the film and the comedic stylings of Mara Weisband. Not to mention drinks and snacks from Home/Made. It’s just another great party coming to Atelier Roquette on Thursday, Sept 3 @ 7:30pm.

As a bonus, I’ll be screening my latest short film, a dark comedy called, Nomophobia. Translated to, “a fear of being out of mobile contact,” Nomophobia, the film asks the question, “What if suddenly and without warning we were once again a nation without smart phones?” Answer, Hilarity ensues!

All that aside, though, lets have a look at Leisah Swenson and Monica Byrne in a little teaser clip of John McGill Banned. A ridiculously entertaining, dark-comedy / documentary that celebrates the character. and the character! of John McGill, a bona-fide Red Hook character. Basically with John, there’s the cover; and there’s the book.

During the filming of the movie, Monica and Leisah invited John to hang his work at their café, Home/Made and the opening of that show was captured on film. Here is a clip from the movie where John is prepping for the show…

Leisah had mentioned to me, after John’s Art show, that they also owned an event space and when the film was finished, we could screen it in their space, Atelier Roquette!

John’s art show was a great success that evening and documented in the film, accompanied by Andrew Kirmeyer playing guitar and singing his original song, “She Likes Girls (So, She’ll Never Be Mine).”

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