July 25, 2015

John McGill Banned Trailer

The John McGill Banned Trailer is based on the idea that John McGill, the man, is difficult to define — even puzzling. Those of you who know him, know what I’m talking about. John McGill Banned, the documentary, is an enlightening and entertaining look at the enigma, John McGill. The subject is dark, but the treatment is hilarious!

We will screen the story of John McGill at a unique Art, Music, Film and Comedy event coming to Atelier Roquette, 63 Commerce Street, in Red Hook. Thursday, September 3, @ 7:30 pm. See map.

The other festivities for the evening include the comedic stylings of Mara Weisband, the music of Adam Meyer with John McGill, and a bonus screening of the new short comedy by John McGill Banned, Director, Michael A Broz, Nomophobia.

jmbTrailer960 from Eye Notion Video on Vimeo.

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