April 22, 2015


Get the tunes!!

Adam Meyer will certainly tell this story better and more accurately, but how this musical pairing happened goes a little something like this…

At the time, one of Adam’s internet projects was making a titillating video to upload to Youtube. He had lots of gorilla footage of women’s legs and high heeled shoes and well, you get the idea. Anyways, one evening, he was working on the music and for some reason, John was there. Adam needed lyrics and a vocalist for the tune and when asked, John had no trouble free-styling 20 or so minutes of very cool lyrics. He got the job, and “Leg Thrill” was born.

It was also the beginning of the musical collaboration between John and Adam. Those tunes became the soundtrack to John McGill Banned, the Documentary and Adam has compiled that music and has it available for download or on CD. And so it goes.

JMB – Traitor in the Ditch from John McGill Banned on Myspace.

JMB – Melancholy 1.aif from John McGill Banned on Myspace.

JMB – Time to Drink Your Beer from John McGill Banned on Myspace.

JMB – You Better Get Up from John McGill Banned on Myspace.

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