John McGill Banned Pub Crawl is on the move!

That’s right! Thanks to Leisah Swenson and Monica Byrne of Home/Made. The little documentary that could is headlining a very exciting evening of Art, Music, Film and Shenanigans. The date is September 3 @ 7:30pm, and the venue is Atelier Roquette, 63 Commerce Street in Red Hook. Lots more information to come, but until then, Read more about John McGill Banned Pub Crawl is on the move![…]

Documentary “John McGill Banned” Pub Crawl Screenings Begin

The John McGill Banned pub crawl screenings have begun. Thanks to Barry O’Meara at Red Hook Bait and Tackle, the documentary that looks at the life and times of Brooklyn nomad, John McGill will screen in Red Hook, Sunday Evening, July 12 @ 7:00pm. 320 Van Brunt St. Red Hook, Brooklyn. C’mon out! Have drink Read more about Documentary “John McGill Banned” Pub Crawl Screenings Begin[…]

JMB Official Trailer
Is Finished!

The Trailer is Done! Tight deadline. Gorilla concept and execution. Done in 9 hours, it attempts to brutally weave together the uncomfortable nature of making light of a serious situation. This is how the movie is, this is how the man is. John makes light of his serious situation. The point is that I got Read more about JMB Official Trailer<br/>Is Finished![…]

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