The Interview

Description alone will not tell the whole story behind my documentary film, John McGill Banned. The nature, nurture and free-will of bona-fide Brooklyn enigma and nomad, John McGill! When the film was selected to be screened at the festival, 5 directors were picked to talk about their films. This video is my attempt at sounding Read more about The Interview[…]

JMB Official Trailer
Is Finished!

The Trailer is Done! Tight deadline. Gorilla concept and execution. Done in 9 hours, it attempts to brutally weave together the uncomfortable nature of making light of a serious situation. This is how the movie is, this is how the man is. John makes light of his serious situation. The point is that I got Read more about JMB Official Trailer<br/>Is Finished![…]

Before The Poster!

John McGill and I tried many times to get a video project off the ground. We started by filming a large scale drawing that he made for an Open Mic Nite at now defunct Brooklyn pub, “Court and Spark.” Following that, John and Adam began working together creating the music and lyrical journeys of John’s Read more about Before The Poster![…]

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