The Interview

Description alone will not tell the whole story behind my documentary film, John McGill Banned. The nature, nurture and free-will of bona-fide Brooklyn enigma and nomad, John McGill!

When the film was selected to be screened at the festival, 5 directors were picked to talk about their films. This video is my attempt at sounding credible while being BANNED!

Interview with Michael Broz, director of "John McGill Banned" – 2015 Art of Brooklyn Film Festival from The Art of Brooklyn on Vimeo.

The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival was a great experience for me. A great learning experience for sure, but also, in attempting to reconnect with my filmmaking past, it was so refreshing to meet some really great filmmakers. It’s true, we are all displaced “Carnies.”

The interview was interesting. I had never before been in front of a camera to this level of scrutiny. As far as making it look natural, I will say that I am not there yet. It’s not a “natural” environment for anybody, but for someone who considers “video village” their comfort zone, especially hard.

Get ’em next time!!

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